disposable adult diaper machine Diaper Machine:Straitjackets And Diapers

disposable adult diaper machine Diaper Machine:Straitjackets And Diapers

  Gabriela waved to her friends as she they left the movie theatre. She looked up at the stars, then closed her eyes and breathed in the night air. She began walking down the side walk, back towards her house. Once past the theatre and nearby stores, the roads quickly became forested, with only a few houses to break the line of trees. She loved walking down this path a night.

  She noticed a van coming up behind her. Thinking nothing of it, she continued. However, as the van got closer, it began to slow down. A little nervous now, she picked up her pace. The van sped up as well, following close behind her.

  Sprinting now, she turned off the road, hoping to head into the tree line. The van stopped, and a few men got out. They followed her quickly and soon caught up. She turned to try to fight them, swinging a balled fist at the nearest, but was outnumbered and smaller than any of them. One grabbed her arms from behind. She tried to scream, but one shoved his hand into her mouth. She bit down, and heard him yelp. However, her mouth was quickly covered again with a piece of cloth, and her vision blurred. Within seconds she had passed out.

  Gabriela slowly regained consciousness. A wave of confusion fell over her. Something about where she was felt… funny. She felt as if she was hugging herself, and it was difficult to move. Something was wrapped around her chest, and something far thicker was around her waist.

  The memories from the night before came back in a flood. She sat up quickly, which proved to be a mistake. Her head slammed into something, and she fell back down. She opened her eyes, only to be met with pitch black. She couldn’t see anything around her, and had no idea where she was.

  She tried to make sense of where she was based on feel. She was in some kind of bed, that was certain. She could feel the mattress underneath her, and the blanket on top. She guessed, based on the feeling, a second blanket had wrapped around her tightly, and bunched between her legs. Something in her mouth kept her from calling out for help. She tried to reach around her, but found it impossible to move her arms. Giving up on her arms, she began kicking her legs, throwing the blanket off of her. She tried to move her arms again. To her surprise, they didn’t feel any different, and the thick feeling between her legs hadn’t left. Alright, so it wasn’t a blanket. Suddenly nervous, and with a growing feeling of anxious nausea, she realized someone had tied her up.

  She began moving her legs around, trying to see if she could feel out her surroundings. Obviously there was something above her. She lifted her feet into the air, and felt a row of bars above her. She moved them from side to side, feeling more of the same. She was in a cage.

  She lay back down flat on the bed, trying to think. Someone had captured her, for what, she didn’t know. They tied her up and locked her inside a cage. Perhaps soon they would enter, and she could find out what was going on.

  She heard footsteps coming toward her. A door opened, and a light came on. She blinked for a moment to get used to the light.

  “Ahhh, it seems out baby is awake. We heard you rustling around and figured we’d check,” she heard a deep, masculine voice say.

  She looked toward the voice, finding a pair of men. Both wore identical all black clothing and grey cloth masks over their faces.

  “MMMMM MMMM!” She tried to ask who they were, but all that came out was a muffled noise. She remembered that there was something in her mouth. She looked around herself. The bars above and beside her were wooden, and either end of her mattress had a tall board decorated with flowers. She wasn’t in a cage, she was in a crib. She looked down at herself. While she had assumed she was simply tied, it became clear she was in a white strait jacket. Unlike most strait jackets she had seen before, it had “Baby Girl” written across the chest in pink, with a pacifier and a diaper drawn on either side of it. She looked down further. What she had assumed was bunched up blankets between her legs was an almost comically thick diaper, covered with pictures of teddy bears and pacifiers. A glance around the room revealed a gigantic nursery. The walls were painted in a sky scene a happy sun and clouds and a gigantic rainbow. There was a changing table, well stocked with diapers of various colors, piles of toys, and a closet she assumed was filled with more babyish outfits. She found a mirror, and studied herself. Along with the strait jacket and diaper, she wore a pink bonnet, and a matching pacifier filled her mouth with a strap around her head to take it in place.

  “I suppose you’re wondering what is going on,” one of the men said. “You have been chosen for this based on a ‘compatible personality,’ which I am sure you understand. In fact, I bet you recognize a lot of what you see here.” Gabriella blushed. She did, in fact, recognize much of it. It was like one of a hundred scenarios she had imagined, read about, and even drawn herself into. For a long time, she had a fascination with diapers, and especially with being forced into them. How had the man known? Did he see her internet history?

  The stranger continued speaking, walking toward her as he did. “You are now in a program to train adult babies. For reasons I am sure will become clear soon, we need to ensure you are able to be trained, and we don’t have much time to do it. This means the next little while will be… unpleasant, for you, and even more so if you don’t cooperate.” He undid the latch on her crib, and picked her up. She struggled for a moment, but the straight jacket made it essentially pointless. “We are going to introduce you to the worst aspects of being a baby slave. When we are done, you will be begging to be treated as one. Oh, and you can call me, and my partner, ‘Daddy’.”

  Gabriela doubted that. Though she had her fantasies, she had never really imagined it happening in real life. If he thought she would be begging, he was in for a surprise.

  It was Gabriela, however, who was surprised first. The first thing the man did after taking her out of the crib was to sit down and bend her over her lap. From a dozen pictures and stories, she knew exactly what was coming next. She began kicking and struggling, then tried to call out but was muffled by the pacifier.

  “Don’t struggle, you will only make it worse,” her ‘Daddy” said. With that, he raised his hand, and began spanking her through her diaper. WHACK WHACK WHACK! Each hit landed with a dull thud against her padding, making her yelp each time. She gave up struggling against him, but still bounced and kicked her feet with each smack. She had never imagined the spankings to be this painful.

  After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped. Gabriela sighed inwardly, thinking it was over. However, the man simply undid the strap that ran between her legs, untapped her diaper, and began again on her bare bottom. She squealed even louder as he rained down blows. She began sobbing and whimpering as he mercilessly spanked her.

  Finally, he finished the bare bottom spanking. Gabriela’s bottom ached and throbbed horribly. She was certain it was beet red.

  The man reached into his pocket and took something out. She felt him put something into her bottom, than watched as he squeezed a tube. She felt the thing inside her inflate, and realized it was a butt plug. He re –taped her diaper and pulled the strap between her legs again. He picked her up off his lap and stood her on the ground. Next, he reached over to a nearby shelf and grabbed a white collar, which he attached to Gabriella’s neck along with a leash.

  “Alright, that plug is going to stay in there for a while. Eventually you will resent it so much even filling a diaper will seem merciful by comparison. Meanwhile, you will be receiving spankings every hour, on the hour. It is your job to make sure we remember. If we ‘forget’, and go past the time, and you don’t do anything, your spankings will become much worse and more frequent. Now, it is time to take you to the kitchen for breakfast. You will follow me like a good diaper slave. Oh, and if you slow down, my partner her will spank you to encourage you forward.”

  With a squeak, Gabriella looked over at the second man, who had grabbed a large paddle. The first man tugged on her leash, pulling her forward. Not wanting to cause any trouble, she followed. However, he moved quickly, turning down various hallways without warning, and she struggled to keep up. The man behind her used every excuse he could to bring the paddle down hard on her bottom. By the time they reached the kitchen, where she saw a high chair set up for her, she was whimpering and squealing anew.

  The two men picked her up and sat her in the high chair. They closed the tray over her and locked it shut. Then, they locked her ankles into cuffs on the legs of the chair.

  One of the men placed a large bowl in front of her. It was filled with an un-appetizing grey mush. Gabriela leaned back away from it and wrinkled her nose at the smell. It looked horrible, and there was far too much of it.

  Her ‘Daddy’ took the pacifier out of her mouth. She assumed she’d be able to move her mouth freely, but found that there was still a ring around her teach, keeping her from closing it completely. She tried to speak, asking for something else to eat. However, she only got as far as “Wait…” before he was shoveling spoon full after spoon full into her. She tried to swallow as quickly as she could and speak between mouthfuls, but could barely keep up with his pace. It was clear he was ignoring her anyway. Resigned to her fate, she simply swallowed the grotesque slime as quickly as she could, wondering what the heck it was. At the rate he was spooning it into her mouth, it was difficult to swallow, and she felt some of the slime fall out of her mouth and down her chin.

  The bowl was massive, and soon she was full. She tried to ask for him to stop, but he was intent on having her eat every single bite. Soon she was bloated, her stomach aching. When he was done with the mush, the man took a baby bottle full of milk and put it to her lips. Gabriela began sucking, thankful at least for something to rinse the mush down.

  When she was done, the man looked at her. “Had enough, baby girl?”

  Gabriella nodded. “Yes, Daddy, please! No more!” She said around the ring in her mouth.

  “Hmmm… alright. However, just to be sure…” to her surprise, he grabbed a pipe and attached it to the gag where her pacifier once was. It went straight into her mouth and to the back of her throat. Gabriela followed the pipe with her eyes and saw it was attached to a large machine. The man flicked a switched, and she saw more of the slime come down the tube. It came closer and closer, than began filling her mouth. She was forced to swallow helplessly as it poured into her. Her ‘Daddy’ watched for a moment, then turned to leave the room. She tried to call after him, begging for him to stop it, but her muffled squeals went unheeded. After a moment, she saw the fluid coming toward her change from grey to white, and found she was drinking milk. A minute later it was the grey mush again, and so on. More and more of it came into her, and she swallowed until she was even more bloated then before. She noticed a clock on the wall, and counted the minutes go by. At 9:35, the tube had been in her mouth for 10 minutes, with no sign of slowing down. If she was to receive hourly spankings, that meant another 25 minutes of mush. She groaned, and kept swallowing.

  Very quickly she felt a pressure growing in her bowels. It quickly became unbearable as more and more of the food went through her system. Nervously she wondered if she would be forced to use it to fill her diapers. The thought made her shudder. Despite countless pictures of messy diapers, actually doing it seemed horrible. No matter what she thought, however, at this moment the plug ensured it stayed exactly where it was.

  The liquid, on the other hand, had nothing keeping it inside her. She struggled briefly to refrain from humiliating herself, but it was a lost cause. The pressure grew each time the milk came down the house, and she was soon wetting herself. She flooded her diaper over and over again until it felt sloppy against her and squished every time she moved. It seemed like she was just part of the hose leading into the diaper. The liquid came from the machine to her mouth, went straight through her, and into her diaper.

  She watched the clock. Time went by slowly. 9:40, 45, 50, 55, 56, 57, 58 and 10 seconds, 20 seconds, thirty seconds… It seemed to slow down as it got closer to her spanking. She found it odd that she was so eager for the time to pass, anticipating a spanking like some kind of reward. However, even the pain of a smacked bottom was better than constantly being feed this mush.

  As if part of the clockwork, as soon as the clock struck 10, the two men re-entered the room. One turned off the machine while the other took the house out of her mouth and replaced the pacifier. He wiped the food of her chin. “Aww, did baby wet her diapie?” he asked. Gabriela blushed and nodded. “Don’t worry diaper girl, we will change you. Eventually.”

  Then he unlocked her and took her out of the high chair. Once again, he pulled her over his knee and began spanking. Gabriela squealed and whined, but didn’t try to struggle, as she knew it was hopeless. Her already sore bottom stung even worse with each smack, and soon she was crying loudly through her pacifier. This time, however, he kept her diaper on. This proved to be wise, as she wet herself twice more before he was done.

  “Alright Gabriella, listen up. Today is supposed to be the day we punish you the most, but we’ve decided to give you a break. Come along!” He dragged her by the leash into another room. It turned out to be a tv-room, with a large screen and several couches. Along with the normal furnishings, there was a large mesh play pen. The two men picked her up and placed her inside this, then closed a hatch which sealed her in. They turned the television to a baby cartoon with anthropomorphic animals playing around and speaking gibberish. Before they left one of them said, “oh, and remember. Make sure you get your hourly spanking. If we forget, remind us.” Gabriella wince, not looking forward to another series of smacks.

  Gabriella crouched on her knees and ankles, not wanting to put her sore bottom on the ground. Even with the thick padding of the diaper, it was painful to sit. She looked around herself. There were several assorted blocks and stuffed animals, though she couldn’t do much with them without the use of her hands. She turned her attention to the television. The show was essentially pointless, simply a series of cute images to amuse babies. With nothing better to do, she resigned herself to crouching in her soaked diapers and watching it. If anything, it took her mind off the pressure inside her and the pain on her bottom.

  Time still went slowly, but this was at least better than the high chair. It was boring, but not painful in any way. Every fifteen minutes a different show came on, but none of them were really different. Each was filled with different cutesy characters and a different, inane, pointless plot.

  Suddenly she realized four shows had gone by. She looked at the digital clock beneath the television. It was 11:00, exactly. Neither of the men had come in to spank her. Had they forgotten? She remembered their warnings, it was up to her to tell them. She supposed that she could kick her feet and scream, than when they removed her pacifier she would tell them. However, the thought alone made her wince in pain. Her bottom was still sore from the last spanking, and another didn’t seem enjoyable. Perhaps if she didn’t mention it, they’d leave her alone…

  She watched the clock, growing more and more nervous. Should she call out? The clock changed to 11:01. Had they forgotten, or were they testing her? It seemed like an obvious test. Maybe she should. 11:02. It seemed as if time was now going faster to make up for how slowly it had been going earlier. How much worse would her punishments be if she didn’t ask for it? Could it be that much worse? 11:03. At this point, it was probably moot. Even if she said something, it was still passed the hour mark.

  Having finally made up her mind, Gabriella stopped watching the clock and turned her attention back to the television. Not a moment later, the two men came through the door again. She looked up at them, fear apparent in her eyes.

  “Well well, it looks like our naughty little girl forgot to say something, didn’t she?” one of them said.

  “Yes, I guess she didn’t want a spanking,” the other replied. “Perhaps she just isn’t used to them yet.”

  “I agree. Let’s see if we can rectify that, shall we?”

  Immediately Gabriela began to scream, hoping to beg for forgiveness. What were they going to do to her? They opened the playpen and dragged her out. The pulled her forward by the leash. She tried to struggle, hoping to gain a moment so she could explain she WAS going to call them, but wasn’t sure what to do and ran out of time. However, this excuse seemed pitiful even to her, and the leash forced her forward. They led her through the building, down a flight of stairs, and into another room. She groaned when she saw what was waiting for her.

  Directly in front of her was a full bdsm-style dungeon. Chains, straps, rods and paddles covered the wall. A set of stocks, cages, and various other restraining devices filled it. They led her to what she realized was a spanking bench. It was made of wood, had one waist high plank, and two others beside it. Her hips were placed on the higher plank bent at an acute angle, and her knees and elbows were tied to the other two.

  One of the men stood behind her. He raised a paddle and brought it down, hard, upon her bottom. It made her yelp and begin crying instantly. The paddle was far worse than the hand spankings, especially with nothing but a wooden plank underneath her. He raised it again and spanked her again, even harder this time. He kept going, making her more and more sore. When he was finished, the other man took over.

  After a few minutes, they stopped. “Alight you naughty girl,” one of them said “we are going to take a break. If you look at the clock, you will see it is currently 11:10. We will be back in five minutes for another five minute spanking, and so on. Understood?”

  Not waiting to reply, they both left. As promised, they returned in five minutes. This time, they used a strap instead of the paddle, focussing more heavily on her thighs which were unprotected by the diaper. The next time they came the used a rod, then a larger paddle, then a slipper, and so on. Each time they returned they used a different implement on the poor girl’s bottom, and each was worse than the hands.

  When they came in at 11:55, they spanked her with another paddle, than stopped and left. Gabriela looked at the clock, seeing it was only 11:58. Why had they stopped two minutes earlier? She groaned, realizing it was probably another test. She watched the clock in desperation, seeing it turn to 12:00 with no sign of the men. She couldn’t believe she was doing it, but she began yelling through the pacifier. Come on! She thought. It’s only been two minutes since the last spanking! Do I really need to do this? But she knew it was a test, and she didn’t want to fail.

  The two men came back in, and took her pacifier out.

  “What is it?” one asked.

  “It’s 12:00 Daddy!” she said.


  She squeezed her eyes shut, hating herself for what she was about to say. “You need to spank me again, Daddy. It’s the hour mark.”

  “Oh, is that so?” he asked, and she nodded, pouting. “Alright then. Good baby slave.”

  He put the pacifier back into her mouth, and she suckled it, finding at least a bit of comfort in it as waited for another painful series of smacks. To her relief, he unattached her from the bench. He pulled her over his knee and spanked her with his hand. Though it was still painful, it was certainly better than any of the instruments.

  After the spanking, she was brought back into the kitchen and sat in her high chair. Once again, she was fed grey mush with the hose. Her diaper became more and more soaked, and her stomach became more and more bloated. After another hour, she called out for her spanking.

  By the time they were finished spanking her, the food from her lunch had reached her bowels. It added with her breakfast to become unbearably painful. Her stomach was extremely bloated and grumbled each time she moved.

  The two sat her own the ground. They reached down and took out her pacifier.

  “Now, Diaper Girl, is there something you want to ask us?”

  Gabriela whimpered. She knew exactly what they meant, but was afraid to say it. However, the pressure in her stomach was far too much to ignore.

  “Yes Daddy,” she said “Can I please… ummm… go potty?”

  “Babies don’t use pottys, do they? What do you really want to use?

  She groaned. “I want to use my diaper.”

  “Excuse me? Say that again please.”

  “Please Daddy, let me mess my diaper like a baby.”

  Though his face was covered, Gabriela was certain he was smiling. “Alright. I told you you’d be begging to be treated like a baby. I know some people who will be VERY pleased to hear that. Kneel down and bend over.”

  Gabriela complied, kneeling with her head on the ground and her diapered bottom in the air. Her ‘Daddy’ reached into her diaper, played with the plug for a bit, and took it out.

  Instantly she exploded into her diapers with a load “BRRRAAPPPT!” Loads of mush and clumps came out of her. It came without her control, and she could do nothing to slow it down. She stuck her bottom out and moaned loudly, feeling relief and humiliation as she nosily filled her diapers. The slime quickly coated her entire backside, and the smell filled her nostrils with its horrid reek. She wiggled on the floor, wondering when it would stop. There seemed to be no end to it, and minutes went by as it continued to force its way into her pampers. Hours’ worth of force feeding and waiting in desperation for relief had filled her to the brim. She was shocked her diaper could hold so much of the mess.

  Finally it slowed, and she raised herself, humiliated, disgusted, and blushing, to her knees. As soon as she straightened, however, the pressure returned instantly. She groaned as another wave of mush came out.

  “PEW YEW!” one of the men said jokingly. “I didn’t realize you had that much in you! What a little potty pants!”

  “Definitely. You really put those diapers to good use Stinky Girl. We better open some windows!”

  The men forced her onto her feet and led her forward by the leash. Once again, the change in position brought another wave of pressure, and she bent over, let out another loud “BRRAAPPT!,” and filled her diapers further. It seemed like every time she moved she filled her diapers even more. The men laughed harder each time, plugging their nose and joking about her smell and how much of a baby she was. The led her around, making her walk, jump up and down, bend in various positions, all too see if they could make more of a mess of her diapers. They quickly took to calling her “Ms. Potty Pants,” “Stinky Girl,” or one of a dozen other humiliating nicknames.

  To her surprise, one of the men sat down on a couch. She was expecting another spanking, but instead he sat her on his lap facing him like a little girl.

  “There’s a good Stinky Diaper Girl,” he said, and patted her head. Then, he began bouncing her up and down. Quickly she realized what he was doing. Each time she landed on his knee, the mess in her diaper was forced up against her. Her diaper became messier, mushier, and less comfortable with each bounce. After a few minutes, he stopped, put his hand on her diaper, and began rubbing. She groaned as the thick slime was pressed and mushed against her. He patted and smacked her diaper a few times, then went back to bouncing her. He was breathing through his mouth, but thanks to the pacifier, this wasn’t an option for Gabriela. The smell got increasingly worse as she sat in her own mess. At the same time, the mess got more uncomfortable from his playing with it, and her sore bottom became more painful from the bouncing.

  When he was done, the next man took over. Gabriella sat helplessly, unable to do anything with her straightjacket on, through the humiliating and disgusting ordeal.

  When they were done, Gabriela was taken back down into the dungeon and locked in a small, steel, rectangular dog cage. There wasn’t even enough room to sit up, and barely enough room to crouch. They through a blanket over the top of it, leaving the top and two longest sides covered. This effectively trapped most of the smell of her diapers inside with her. In the confined space, there was no room to escape the horrid smell from her diapers or shift the load inside them to a more comfortable position. Instead, she was simply left to suffer through the pain and humiliation as her already sore bottom got itchier and itchier. Sniffling, she realized she would probably get a rash. She reflected on the bizarre idea of a girl her age worrying about diaper rash. However, she didn’t really feel that old, not any more.

  Once again, she had to call out to the men to beg for a spanking. She could see the clock placed deliberately in front of her. As soon as they were done, she was brought back into the cage along with the itch and smell. The spankings had changes slightly. Rather then simply smacking her to hurt her, the men took time to rub and pat her diaper like before, making increasingly uncomfortable. This process repeated itself until she was taken upstairs into kitchen for supper. This consisted of more hose-fed mush. Once she was done that, they took her into the nursery and locked her in the crib. They turned off the lights and closed the door, telling her to some sleep.

  Gabriela rolled over in the crib, trying to get comfortable. Between the straight jacket and messy diaper, this seemed almost impossible. It was only 7:30, far earlier then she was used to sleeping. However, the day’s activities had worn her out, and she eventually fell asleep.

  The next day she was woken up once again by the two men. They took her out of the crib and carried her to the changing table. They sat her down, making a lout “SQUISH!” as he settled into her own sticky mess. They took the pacifier out of her mouth.

  “Alright, Stinky Girl. Is there something you want to ask us?”

  “Uhhh, yes. Can you change my baby diapers please, Daddy?” Gabriela replied hopefully.

  “Hmmm… I suppose we can do that.”

  They replaced the pacifier in her mouth and made her lay back down. The tied her ankles to ropes and raised them right into the air, leaving her bent 90%. One of the men undid her straight jacket, untapped her diaper and began cleaning her with baby wipes. Gabriela moaned, this time with pleasure, as she was cleaned. Once he was done, he poured baby powder over her.

  “Alright,” he asked, “what kind of diaper would you like?” He lead several colourfully printed diapers into the air.

  Gabriella was surprised at first, wondering if this was a trick. However, he seemed sincere. She indicated a thick one decorated with a few cute animals, and he taped her into it. Next, he asked her the same question regarding a pile of baby onesies, footed pyjamas, and dresses. Still fearing a trick, Gabriela pointed toward a green onesie with cartoon foxes, not really expecting him to respond. To her surprise, he took the straight jacket entirely off of her and put her into the onesie.

  He picked her up off of the table and carried her to a chair. He sat down, put her on his lap facing him like before, and hugged her. Too surprised to respond, her mouth gaped. The pacifier fell out, and she realized it was no longer tied in.

  “You’re such a good, sweet baby,” he said. Gabriella was speechless, uncertain of what to say or what was going on. “Let me explain. You are here to be trained as a Baby Slave for someone to take care off. Before we can go on with training, we need to put you through the worst possible aspects of it. It’s always a shame to have to make such cute little babies suffer without comforting them. Once we got you to beg to mess your diaper and for me to change you, then picked out your favorite outfits, we are allowed to move on. We only have a few days, and needed to have at least that done. We weren’t sure it would work, but you, my sweet little baby, are going to make us a fortune!”

  “Wait… you mean I’m going to be SOLD!?” Gabriella said, shocked.

  “Yes, tomorrow there will be a silent auction with you and a few others. There is quite a market for baby slaves, you know.”

  “But… how can you do that? I’m just going to be treated like a baby by some stranger?! You can’t sell me.”

  Her Daddy’s voice turned harder. “Actually, yes, I can. I’ve done it a dozen times before, it’s my job. If I hear one more complaint out of you, we are going right back to the constant spankings and messy diapers, got it? I prefer going softer, but it is my job to make sure you are properly disciplined by the time of the auction. People send their more rebellious babies to me to be re-trained, I can’t have someone leaving my care just to be naughty. So you better behave yourself, both for me and your next owner, or you will find yourself right back in my cage, got it?”

  Terrified, Gabriela nodded, and let herself be carried down to the kitchen again.

  The next day wasn’t as nearly as bad as before. They seemed intent on making her experience every possible aspect of Baby Slave life. Being cared for as a baby wasn’t bad. In fact, it was often fun. She was fed bottles from the high chair or in one of the men laps, played with a bunch of childish buy surprisingly amusing toys, and watched cartoons. They took her around the neighbourhood in a stroller, than brought to a park where she was pushed in swings. The men loved to bounce her on their knees, comment on how cute she looked, hug her , and comfort her. When she filled her diapers she was changed instantly wherever she was. A public diaper change in the park was certainly embarrassing, but not as bad as waiting for hours in her own mess. They also combined a few other related fetishes with her training. Her time as a furry was a bit embarrassing. She wore fox ears and a tail, and was made to crawl around the yard on all fours, then was fed a bowl of milk and kibble-like food off the ground. At the end of the day, she was put into her crib wearing long footed pyjamas, and slept well.

  The next day they woke her up, bathed her, washing her hair and skin for her, and fed her quickly. To her surprise, they then put the pacifier gag back into her mouth and locked her into a stocked with her wrists and neck through the holes. She whined and looked at them questioningly.

  One of them approached and patted her head. “I’m sorry sweetie. We aren’t doing this to be mean; you are still a good baby. However, we will get a better price if you mess yourself while you’re there, and the rules state you mused be restrained for safety when we arrive. So you are going to get an enema and a plug, than be put back into the straight jacket.” He lifted his mask slightly and kissed her cheek as she whimpered behind her pacifier.

  She felt her diaper get untapped and a hose was inserted into her butt. Warm liquid began streaming into her, filling her bowels up quickly. She was soon cramping heavily, and moaned as she was filled more and more. After a few minutes it was over. She was plugged, re-diapered, and unlocked. One of her Daddies put her back into the straight jacket, put the collar on her, and led her away by the leash.

  She was brought outside and sat back in the van. She was buckled into a baby seat which they locked. Each bounce on the road made her cramp, and she longed for release. After a few minutes the van stopped. The men opened the door, unlocked and unbuckled, then led by the leash into a large stone building.

  Inside was what looked like a large school gymnasium. However instead of sports equipment, it was filled with cages. Each cage had an adult baby in it, all wearing diapers and cutesy outfits, and each one either tied up or in a strait jacket. One of the men explained everything to her.

  “Each of these people were chosen based on personalities which are compatible with the adult baby lifestyle. Most showed an interest in one way or another, and were brought here. The people not in cages are perspective buyers, some of them former baby slaves themselves who were let go.” They stopped by the door as the men filled out paper work.

  Gabriela turned to look at another stock with a blond haired, blue eyed baby slave. At first she thought it was a girl, but after a second glance she realized it was just a boy dressed in a pink onesie, pacifier gag and bonnet, with “baby girl” written across his chest. A sign beside him said “Alexander or Alexandra, baby sissy.” A woman behind him was spanking his diaper, also decorated with pink teddy bears, which was exposed from the onesie flap.

  One of her daddies leaned toward her and spoke. “Some of the clients like to take baby boys, dress them in pink, and treat them like girls. They either find it cute in its own way, or do it to humiliate their slaves. Sometimes a client will ask to spank a baby before making an offer, so they know what they feel like. That is what the stock is for. You will even see a few of them changing a baby before the auction is finished.

  They led her into the building. They passed several Adult Babies in cages, each with masked sellers in front of them. Clients went around, writing offers down on paper along with an anonymous number code. The next person who passed could see the offer and write down a higher one, or move on.

  They arrived at an empty desk. One of the men took out a portfolio and began laying sheets down over it. To her surprised and embarrassment, Gabriela realized each one depicted her in a humiliating position. She was shown getting spanked, in a messy diaper, crawling around as a furry, and more. They put a computer on the desk, turning it to a webpage where videos from the two days before were shown on constant repeat.

  One of the men explained. “We had cameras set up throughout the entire house. Your training was filmed and shown as part of the advertisement. Already, we have built interest. What we have here are highlights which cater to the more specific interests of some of our clients. Now, one last thing.” He undid the strap on her straightjacket, reached into her diaper, and removed the plug.

  Gabriela was horrified. Videos of her, in a diaper, were already online? How many people had seen it. In her position, however, she could do nothing to fight back. She knew exactly what she needed to do.

  Now that the plug was removed, Gabriela leaned forward, sticking her butt out toward the crowd of clients. She grunted and began pushing. Once again she found herself nosily filling her diaper, this time in front of an entire gymnasium full of onlookers. Immediately she began to attract interest, and people ran over to watch her mess herself. They began to fill out the sheets and make offers for her. A few asked for closer looks, and her Daddies brought her closer to the audience, making her stand on the table above them, then crotch down into a low squat so that her butt was in line with their heads. They formed around her, patting and squeezing her diapered bottom as she messed. Thanks to the enema, it came out far more liquid than before, and soaked her diaper as much as filled it. Looking back, she realized that this had been planned. Not only was her diaper full and lumpy as before, but it turned a much darker brown color then before, making her messy state all the more obvious. To her it was humiliating and disgusting, but her onlookers adored her for it.

  When she was finished, she was led around the crowed, allowing each person to inspected, pat, even smell her messy diaper. Then, one of her Daddies pulled the strap of her straight jacket back up between her legs. She winced as it pressed the diaper against her, squishing it audibly. She was then led by the leash into her cage.

  Gabriela stood in the cage humiliated. Dozens of people passed by, seeing her in her messy diaper, bonnet and “Baby Girl” straight jacket, sucking her pacifier, and with her collar and leash attached to the cage she was in. She watched them chuckle at her appearance, and waited to find out which one own her as a baby slave.

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